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Miracle of St. Spike

words Kam Williams

Spike Lee Interview Spike Lee is back with his first full-length feature since Inside Man (2006), the NYC crime caper which netted over $100 million at the box office alone. That picture's commercial success enabled the Oscar-nominated director to interest Disney in backing Miracle at St. Anna, a big budget fact-based adventure revolving around the heroic exploits of four black GIs who became separated from their unit while fighting behind enemy lines in Italy in 1944.

Our 2 Cents

Amistad Arrives

words Kimberly Hodges Ross

Amistad Schooner The original Amistad, which means friendship in Spanish, was a ship made famous in 1839 when 53 African captives transported from Havana revolted against their captors. This fall, the Freedom will dock in Washington, DC and then in Baltimore, Maryland, providing a rare opportunity for locals to experience a pertinent part of our American history.


Ghetto Nation Review

words Kam Williams

Ghetto Nation Have you ever visited the website Hot Ghetto Mess? It's a site dedicated to black bad taste which posts hilarious photos and videos of girls and guys gone ghetto. Now Cora Daniels has written a book about the troubling phenomenon in which she bemoans the fact that ghetto style is no longer limited to folks living in the slums.

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