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FLOW Foundation

2004: The First Annual Film & Discussion Series

Each February, the FLOW Foundation produces the annual and historic Film & Discussion Series. The Series brings together historic and notable figures, groups, films, documentaries, filmmakers, actors, actresses, authors, elected officials and vendors.

Why The Series?

The February 2004 Series, the first of many, took place in Washington, DC. The reality that the DC metropolitan area has not had an urban or historic film festival. Furthermore, we felt that the Washington, DC metropolitan community as well as many other communities in the United States deserve to be reacquainted with the experiences and contributions of persons and organizations that have made history and also that continue to be trendsetters in the motion picture industry. The overarching theme for 2004 was to bring together notable filmmakers, Academy Award recipients, historians, celebrities, actors, American heroes, vendors and groups face-to-face with the public.

Films and Discussions

Just imagine witnessing and meeting Tuskegee Airmen, Negro Legue Baseball Players, Buffalo Soldiers, National and International Celebrities, Wine-Makers, Genealogists, Artists, Filmmakers and others that you may have read about but never was brought together to meet you, face-to-face. Now imagine all of these individuals and groups being excited, ready and willing to share their experiences, contributions and wisdom with attendees that are both local and that have travelled several states to meet them. This is the discussion portion of the Series.

Now step back and envision being taken deep into the world of the arts, history and socio-personal reflection as well as traditional and modern film-making, acting and graphics notoriety. This is the film portion of the series.

The Series gathered a healthy mixture of 15 Independent and historic films, documentaries, slide presentations and shorts as well as a special series of meet and greets for the public. Many notable and historic individuals and groups contributed and came face-to-face with the public that have never come together before for one event.

Attendees included the following attendees: Two-Time Academy Award winner and two-time Prime Time Emmy winner Russell Williams, II, Association of African-American Vintners, Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldiers, Maya Angelou, Negro League Baseball players, filmmakers Michael and Christine Swanson, Slave Descendants Freedom Society, African-American Civil War Museum, Professor Steven Torriano Berry and filmmaker Ryan Richmond. Several other surprise guests, filmmakers, actors, actresses, novelists, artists, crafts experts and others were in attendence. Therefore, please review the information throughout this page to see what happened during this historic affair.

Click on the various links throughout this page to view more information on the 2004 National Black History Month Film & Discussion Series.

The Buzz

Many media outlets helped contribute to the success of the 2004 Film & Discussion Series. Several newspapers continued to have articles throughout the month of February, including those highlighted below. Many television and radio stations also served as media outlets and media sponsors for 2004. This includes several television appearances and radio show interviews. The FLOW Foundation thanks all supporters and sponsors to the right. You can relive some of the Buzz by checking out the following links:

2004 Film & Discussion Series Schedule

February 5, 2004
The Opening: Entire Series Schedule - Genealogy, 50 Most Influential Black Films & All About You

February 12, 2004
Special Wine Tasting, 2 Outstanding Shorts, 2-Time Oscar and 2-Time Emmy Winner, Howard University Choir, Negro League Baseball Players, Civil War Memorial, Syndicated Columnists and more

February 13, 2004
Special Wine Tasting, Book-Signing, Meet-N-Greet & Autograph Session

February 19, 2004
TNT Invites You To: An Evening with and About the Buffalo Soldiers

February 21, 2004
Another Very Special Wine-Tasting

February 26, 2004
Grand Finale: Tuskegee Airmen, Maya Angelou, Guest Artists, Guest Filmmakers, Guest Actors, Guest Authors & Guest Vendors

2004 Film & Discussion Series Supporters

The Washington Times
The Washington Post
The Washington City Paper
Baltimore - Channel 13 News
Fox 5 - Morning News
WJZW-FM "Smooth Jazz - 105.9
Negro League's Outlet
DC Office of Motion Picture & Television Development
DC Lottery Maryland - PG County - Channel 76
African-American Civil War Memorial and Museum
Voice of America - Hip-Hop Connection Washington, DC - WPFW






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